Why is Candle Lighting Jerusalem Important?

Why is Candle Lighting Jerusalem Important?

Every Friday evening, the lighting of Sabbath candles, or "Licht bentschen" as they are known in Yiddish, ushers in Shabbat. It is customary to burn the Shabbat candles 18 minutes just before Friday night's sunset, which ushers in Shabbat. Some places, most notably Jerusalem, have a custom of providing a longer candlelight window.

Jerusalem's window starts 40 minutes before sunset. In Jerusalem, around this moment on late Friday afternoon, a siren that can be audible all over the town is blown to notify residents that the candle-lighting moment is approaching. It is permissible to light Shabbat candles by 75 minutes before sunset. Here we listed the most important why is candle lighting in Jerusalem important.

Which Candles Lighting Jerusalem Are Appropriate?

Shabbat candles should burn for two to three hours, according to some traditions, or at minimum, until you read Hamotzi, the blessing over bread. It is why candles for holidays like Hanukkah and birthdays that burn down fast are not advised.

An ordinary tea candle works fine. However, there are specifically manufactured Shabbat candles that will go in a regular-sized taper stand but are smaller than taper lights and, therefore, will not light all night.

Some individuals prefer neronim or candles in glass cups since they have an adorable appearance and allow them to fulfill the mitzvah of hiddur, or adorning, the commandment to light Shabbat candles. Similarly, now is the moment to use if you have a lovely set of candlesticks. White candles are traditionally lit, even though this is not a strict policy.

How Many Candles Must You Light?

It is customary for each home to have at least two candles burning. The pair of Shabbat lights is undoubtedly among the most recognizable symbols of the occasion. The second is justified for a variety of reasons. Others claim that this proves the candles are unique and have purposes that a single candle can't fulfill.

Why is Candle Lighting Jerusalem Important?

A few claim that it refers to the two places in the Torah where the order to observe Shabbat is given: in Exodus 20:8, where it tells to "Zachor (recollect) the Sabbath," and in Deuteronomy 5:12, where it asserts to "Shamor (keep) the Sabbath." Everyone else contends that the number two refers to the two central themes of Shabbat: conception and discovery.

Nevertheless, several families frequently have a custom of lighting additional candles, one for every family member.

Who Must Light The Candle?

It was customary for the woman of the home to light the Shabbat candles. In households without an adult female, a man might assume control. Every adult in the house can light candles in several modern egalitarian homes, and the family will frequently do this together.

Should You Blow The Candles Out Before Sleeping?

No, it would help if you didn't put out Shabbat candles; instead, let them burn out completely. It is indispensable to light your candles in a secure location, away from any paper, fabrics, or other flammable materials, if you expect that they will still be burning when you go to bed. Once lighted, it's customary to leave the candles alone.

What is The History of Lighting Candles?

The tradition of burning lights to usher in Shabbat is not mentioned in the Torah; it first emerges in rabbinic literature. Since flames are not permitted to be lit on the Sabbath, it appears to have started as an expansion of the custom of burning a flame preceding Shabbat. After the sun had set, this flame served as an illumination source.

The Shabbat candles, nevertheless, developed into a significant component of the rite, and it was banned to serve them for any meaningful reason, namely as light to read. For this reason, individuals leave the candles in place once they are lighted to prevent the temptation of doing so. The Talmud mentions the mitzvah, or commandment, of burning Shabbat candles but does not mention a benediction associated with them. The prayer we use today, reportedly inspired by the prayer for burning Hanukkah candles, is used for the first time in writing in the Siddur of Rav Amram.

How Must You Light Your Candle?

Jewish practice dictates that prayers be spoken before doing an act. Before consuming wine and bread, we recite the Kiddush and the Hamotzi. You may not light candles on Shabbat. Thus, since reciting the blessing over them ushers in Shabbat, the procedure is inverted: candles are lit first, and then the prayer is said.


Light the candles initially, per the directions. Then, numerous individuals circle the flame three times while waving their hands, covering their eyes with their hands as they repeat the benediction. After the prayer, they open their eyes and get a unique perspective of the candles.

What Must You Know About Shabbat?

Appreciate the conversation and the cuisine! Ensure to incorporate phrases of Torah at our Shabbat dining in conjunction with table conversation. At some time, somebody will probably require the floor for a short presentation of a Torah idea.

If your hosts have kids, they may offer their understanding of the weekly Torah chapter and receive praise and attention. It also chants classic Shabbat songs and contemporary Jewish tunes of a cheerful or spiritual bent.

How To Dress Properly?

You may hit the correct vibe if you dress more formally and festively on Shabbat rather than during the week. Men may look appropriate with a set of trousers, a button-down shirt, and a kippah, while ladies will look appropriate in modest clothing or a modest blouse and skirt.

What Must You Bring?

A small hostess present is appropriate, although not required. Ensure the gift is kosher if it is a food product like wine or chocolate, and look for the phrase mevushal on the label of the wine if it is. Kosher accreditation may be a challenging field. Flowers are typically an excellent present in uncertainty, except for Israel.

Take Away

Are you ready to have candle lighting in Jerusalem? We have listed the most important thing you must consider before starting your Shabbat or if it is your first time visiting one. If you want to give a present to your friends in Jerusalem, we recommend that you provide them with a candle holder.

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