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UNBOX Jerusalem
Nicole Hopkins
Today I opened a Box by Genesi, Unbox Jerusalem.

Today I opened a Box by Genesi, Unbox Jerusalem. A documentary, snack box, gifts and culture all in one! The movie is about an hour long and the host is amazing!


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UNBOX Jerusalem
Manic Monday
Thank you so much

The Facts: A limited edition box allowing you to visit Jerusalem and receive souvenirs along the way. Each box contains an interactive video, puzzles and riddles to complete on your journey thru the destination. Open your souvenirs as you complete the challenges. This family fun box takes about 2 hours to complete in total. YouTube video placeholder
Hungry for Israel

I want to plant the seed of the love of Israel into my children and grandchildren. I have opened the box to take a peek inside but have not used it yet.I did show them the video on your website and they were excited about it. I hope to make a Shabbat meal to eat before we open the box. I am looking forward to other themed boxes, this is such a great idea!

UNBOX Jerusalem
慕櫻 陳​


Surprisingly amazing!

Had a great experience with Genesi. Very caring and professional staff. They truly make sure you are looked after and happy with their service. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I absolutely loved the little Jewish surprises in the box. My favourite is the menorah 🕎

UNBOX Jerusalem
Amy Price
it was so fun!

It was an insane experience.
So much more than just watching a film. YouTube video placeholder
UNBOX Jerusalem
Leon Skalsky
It's great fun

it brings the family together.
I've actually learned a lot about Jerusalem.
I think it's like a great activity for everyone. YouTube video placeholder
UNBOX Jerusalem

We enjoyed UNBOX Jerusalem very much ! Lots of fun, laughter, and excitement in doing every step. A very creative design and learn a lot about the city and people.

Love it and fun to explore it

It was fun to unbox this Box virtually with a group of friends from overseas!
Such a brilliant video that was directed & made. Love all the gifts that I unwrapped!

UNBOX Jerusalem
Talia Tzafrir
We learned a lot

The big map, it was so cool. It was fun that it took a long time. The way you open it and all that, like, everything, it was so pretty, And nice, and very exciting,
to open all the presents.The video, and the way
that it all connected. YouTube video placeholder
UNBOX Jerusalem
Ayelet Weissmann
they were super excited

they really had a lot of fun with it. they absolutely loved
opening all the packages. YouTube video placeholder
UNBOX Jerusalem
Avigail Tzafrir
Great experience

Great way to learn about Jerusalem, whether you've actually been here, Or have never been to Jerusalem before. YouTube video placeholder
UNBOX Jerusalem
Naama Weiss
The kids learned so much about Jerusalem

We spent more than two hours together and had a blast. The kids learned so much about Jerusalem and so did we.

The movie is really exciting

we got surprises. It's like magic!
What you see in the movie, you get.

UNBOX Jerusalem
Melissa Rachel Goldwag
we felt like were in Jerusalem

they really liked the activities,
the surprise gifts the b best.

It was really fun

I liked all the prizes.

UNBOX Jerusalem
danya Fried
I was keen for the family to learn more about Jerusalem

and this was a wonderful way to do it, all of them really enjoyed. YouTube video placeholder
Really interesting

It was really interesting, I learnt a lot. I really hadn't had an experience like that YouTube video placeholder
UNBOX Jerusalem
Linda Skalsky
Love it!

We had a great time, we literally spent 3 hours. YouTube video placeholder
UNBOX Jerusalem
Gilad Podgor
absolutely fantastic!!

The box looks absolutely fantastic!! and the activity is fascinating. Worth every penny.

It was so much fun to all of us!

The kids really learned a lot from it about their roots