Why I Stand With Israel

Why I Stand With Israel

We are in a grave historical period. It exhorts us to support Israel as followers of Jesus Christ. Rush-hour congestion and traffic are typical in Jerusalem, as in any other major global city. The city's tranquility, however, surprises the majority of visitors.

While visitors are bombarded by news of perilous Jewish-Palestinian boundaries in the international media, people who live in Israel's metropolis are aware of a parallel dimension. Indeed there is a life of unexpected tranquility. Here are the reasons why I stand with Israel.

Reasons why it is essential to support Israel

Christians must adhere to a separate script. A scenario in which we understand who might come back to rule this significant international focus physically. However, violence and conflict have characterized it from the time of Abraham. Hence why should Christians be so worried about such a small piece of land? What will it mean in the end?

We firmly believe that among Satan's best weapons is to downplay or deny the contemporary significance of Israel. It conceals from the Western church God's ultimate purpose for the universe.

Why I Stand With Israel

Arguments for Supporting Israel Now

Sadly, we'd rather debate whether or not to defend the Jewish individuals as opposed to Israel as a nation. Instead of supporting the individuals, God has assigned His servants. Other congregation members ignore Israel's problems in preference for the predicament of the Palestinians, which they assert share a similar privilege as "sons of Abraham," according to their argument. 

Some, nevertheless, had taken things a step further and adopted a substitution theological viewpoint. It holds that when related to God's word, goal, and prophecies, the congregation of Jesus Christ—has taken the place of Israel.

Why Support Israel Now, Then?

These are hardly the only incorrect perspectives. It also harms Israel at a moment when the church is supposed to be its staunchest partner in the face of emerging countries that have a diabolically motivating goal to wipe out the Jewish people.

What Do The Terms "Stand With Israel" And "Bless Israel" Mean Exactly?

We know the Bible's command to "bless Israel" and that evangelicals are frequently urged to "stand with" Israel and the Jewish people. How do those expressions signify, in any case? It can be simpler to comprehend the response to this query if you start by figuring out what they don't imply.

What Supporting Israel Does Not Imply?

The concepts of "standing with" and "supporting" anyone, or in this instance, Israel, is misunderstood by some. Therefore, it's crucial to understand what these terms don't imply. "Standing with" doesn't quite mean unquestioning support for Israel.

Biblical Arguments for Supporting Israel

Politicians are not at issue here; instead, the Bible is. However, the economic ramifications are rather significant. Therefore, evangelicals need to comprehend the justifications for supporting Israel.

  • Whenever we support Israel and the Jewish individuals, we don't automatically support each choice, way to proceed, or policy made by the Jewish people, Jewish organizations, or the State of Israel.
  • Supporting Israel doesn't quite entail blind allegiance that considers any dissent off-limits.

"Standing with" doesn't reasonably imply complete hostility to Israel's detractors.

  • It is unnecessary to automatically disapprove of any dispute with all Arabs or Palestinians to support Israel and the Jewish individuals.
  • Supporting Israel is not required or ought to entail demonizing and disliking Arabs. Such overarching, preconceived hostility to Jews ranks alongside anti-Semitism.

What Supporting Israel Implies

To support Israel is to concur with what God wants enough about Jewish individuals in His Word: that He selected them as a family for Himself, that He adores them deeply, and that He is obedient to His everlasting commitments with them.

Standing by Israel entails:

  • Defending the State of Israel's existence right because it is recognized by the Bible and the United Nations, which granted the Jewish people a homeland after World War II.
  • holding the State of Israel can defend itself against retaliation over assaults on her land and people.
  • protecting and promoting Israel's fair portrayal in the press, the UN, and in international opinion
  • wishing and hoping for the well-being and prosperity of the Nation of Israel, which includes the Jewish people worldwide and the current State of Israel
  • Using your voice to combat anti-Semitism
  • Blessing and interceding for Israel

Without the Gospel, There isn't any Wonderful Gift.

The idea of benefiting Israel is contingent upon the Gospel. God clarifies that besides Jesus the Messiah, there is no other way for anybody to be saved, whether Jewish or Gentile (Acts 4:12). Good and ethical actions include addressing basic requirements and relieving pain on the planet. They will ignore the most crucial issue if they merely work to enhance this fleeting life rather than deliver everlasting life via trust in Jesus.

The Spirituality

Our position in God's current system irrevocably binds us with the Jewish people. Consequently, as per Divine revelation, to the Israel land as well. We join a long line of individuals who have believed in God following His unveiled mercy and intention whenever we place our confidence in the Saviour who arrived through the Jews.

According to Scripture, once you embrace the Lord, you acquire the Jewish heritage (Rom. 2:28-29, Gal. 3:26-29). If you're a believer, you neither uphold the entirety of Scripture nor adopt a complacent attitude against Jews and Israel. Since Israel will always be associated with God's heavenly blessings, I stand with Israel. For the sake of His glory, our Messiah rooted us in and made us stronger in Israel.

Distortion of the truth in the Media

Israel has been portrayed as an attacker in media reports about the crisis. Apart from the reality that the confrontations were started by Palestinian or Hamas missile firing. However, the media constantly blames Israel for being the aggressor in their coverage.

For instance, in an attempt to lay the groundwork for furthering the peace negotiations, Israel returned to Gaza. Within months, the Palestinians used the exact location as a staging point for fresh, random attacks against Israel. It symbolizes Israel's fruitless attempts to reach a settlement, which have occurred at every step.

These are just some of the reasons why I stand with Israel. There are numerous reasons why we must stand with Israel. Knowing their history, country, and culture will let us understand them more and see the good in them. We all can play Genesi Box to have a fun way of exploring the Israeli people.