The Best Cafes in The Heart of Jerusalem

The Best Cafes in The Heart of Jerusalem

You may travel to Jerusalem to take Old City visits and meander through historical places, but you should also add visiting Jerusalem pubs to your itinerary. You'll have to have a lot of coffee for the rest of the day. Several of these cafés also serve meals for lunch, snacks, dinner, and even early morning breakfast. Here is our guide to the best Jerusalem cafés you must visit when visiting Israel.

The Heart of Jerusalem

Downtown is the heart of Jerusalem. It is a contemporary and energetic area of the country. The city center, also called Downtown Jerusalem, is a stylish and lively area of Jerusalem. It is home to many significant districts, eateries, pubs, and cafes, as well as the renowned Machane Yehuda Market.

The Best Cafes

Café Liba

Along King George Street and Ben Yehuda Street in the heart of Jerusalem, this café offers enticing espresso-based and coffee beverages in attractive porcelain mugs. However, don't stop there; Liba Café mainly serves desserts, confections, salads, sandwiches, and several pastries. Please keep your eyes on local artists' pieces at Liba Café, which also conducts art galleries and rotates its art exhibition.

The Best Cafes in The Heart of Jerusalem

Café Shalva

At Café Shalva, you may have your caffeine with an extra shot of social integration because they hire individuals with disabilities for all roles in a welcoming and motivating environment. The café/restaurant is housed at the Shalva National Center. It also houses an NGO that aids Israelis with disabilities and their loved ones and allows young disabled adults to apprentice and find jobs.

There is a tempting range of loaves of bread, shakshuka, and greens in the morning. For lunchtime, there is an attractive assortment of noodles, pizzeria, seafood, coffee, pastry, and sweets.

Viennese Café

In the Old City of Jerusalem, enter the Austrian Hospice and enter a fictional world of apple strudel and Viennese coffee. At the turn of the nineteenth century, the Austrian Hospice was initially constructed as a dormitory for Austrian tourists. The stunning structure is still open to foreign visitors, and its rooftop offers a few of the incredible scenery of the Old City.

Tourists may experience European culture there while listening to the rush and hustle and prayer calls of the Middle East.

Café Bezalel

Through the decades, Café Bezalel has become the go-to coffee place for Jerusalem's young, stylish set. The large outside dining area is constantly crowded with people having coffee with companions. In contrast, the smaller interior room is frequently full of individuals toiling far from their computers. The location is along a beautiful main thoroughfare just off the downtown area.

The limited assortment of sweets and desserts served with the coffee is also incredibly wonderful. The breakfast buffet all-day, which features bureka platters, croque madames, seared salmon, toast croissants filled with cheddar, or egg toppings, is a particular highlight.

Café Bezalel, among the few establishments in the city accessible on Saturdays, is the ideal spot for a brunch during Shabbat or to loiter while reading the weekend publications.
The King David Inn
There is no better place to get a genuinely opulent mug of coffee than the Hotel of King David. Its Jerusalem monument exudes old-school elegance, with plenty of granite, sumptuous furnishings, and hushed whispers.

With its perspective in the Old City, the King's Garden restaurant is the ideal spot to have a cup of coffee or small dinner. You can either have indoor or outside dining with views of the hotel's grounds and pool, you'll feel just like the many presidents, royalty, and Hollywood stars who have previously visited King David.

Metaphora Art Cafe

Metaphora, as its names indicate, is indeed not your typical café. Although Metaphora serves enticing meals and beverages, it also functions as a working environment. Activities and training that are initiated frequently include ones for workgroups, businesses, family members, and individuals.

These pieces of training are made to assist you in getting assistance from others and dealing with emotional responses and conflicts. Additionally, if you come to enjoy Metaphora's beverages, you can purchase and bring home bags of their beans.


For serious coffee enthusiasts, the Machane Yehuda market's Roasters a place to go. Your beverage of choice is going to be pure as it gets because we mix and roast our own Guatemalan, Colombian, and Kenyan coffee on-site. For a truly decadent break, renowned Jerusalem pastry chef known as David Laor's equally wonderful patisserie is served alongside the decent coffee.

Our advice is to take a spot on the outside venue for exceptional views of the bustling passageways of the bazaar and to enjoy little individuals while drinking your preferred caffeinated beverage. When the establishment changes in a bar late in the night, the same bar stools are just as enticing.

Tmol Shilshom

Tmol Shilshom, a genuine Jerusalem institution, has been offering its devoted patrons excellent coffee, upscale beverages, and a sizable dairy selection since the 1990s. The book-filled café frequently provides cultural activities, book clubs, poetry sessions, and other activities. It is housed in a 19th-century stone structure in a little, lovely lane.

Whereas the ordinary coffee at this establishment is outstanding, the other beverages on the list need special mention. Get one of their extravagant hot chocolates or chai beverages, which has whipped cream, chocolates, and a good amount of dulce de leche spreads. There is even a pricey vegan halva hot beverage.

A solid Irish coffee or hot alcoholic cider are options for those who like something a little more conventional. It would be best to postpone the calorie amount count.

Kadosh Café Patisseri

Jerusalem is home to many items with a lengthy tradition, and Kadosh Café Patisserie is undoubtedly one of them. Meir Kadosh founded this café, which has been running since 1967. He later gave the company to his child. The café has plenty of open areas and a kosher dairy selection; designed in a European manner, they provide espresso-based and coffee beverages. However, they also have spaghetti, panini, and pastries on the table.


You can have a wonderful experience drinking your favorite coffee in the heart of Jerusalem. It is a pleasure to experience this, among the most unforgettable memories you might have. However, before exploring the best cafes in Jerusalem, you should know more about their cuisine first. Why not try playing the Genesi Box and learn more about Jerusalem?