What To Know About eLuna Jerusalem

What To Know About eLuna Jerusalem

eLuna Jerusalem will locate the kosher restaurant for you and your family or friends. At eLuna restaurants, they may make a reservation for you at a discounted rate. A terrific price on scrumptious meals is available through auction bidding. Purchase restaurant gift cards, dinner for two tickets, and gift cards for family, friends, coworkers, and employees. Show them that you value them.

How To Find The Perfect Restaurant at eLuna Jerusalem?

Numerous kosher eateries are listed around Israel in the Restaurants area of eLuna.co Jerusalem. If you're looking for a restaurant, search by the establishment's address, name, or kind. Choose "Find a Restaurant" from the blue horizontal buttons at the top of each page to search for nearby restaurants. A selection of the Israel areas' identities will appear when you hover your cursor over the text.

Directly selecting an area is an option, as is clicking "Find a Restaurant," which will take you to the eLuna Restaurants main website. There is a summary of areas at the head of the Restaurants' Main Website. Select the area in which your city is situated by clicking. For instance, Sharon is where Netanya is situated. The town of Petach Tikva is located in the center.

Following your location selection, eLuna Jerusalem displays a list showing all the eateries in that area or city, along with their phone number and address, will be shown. For a complete evaluation of the eatery, user reviews, and a kosher voucher online, click on the establishment's name.

How to Locate a Restaurant by Name

You may type a restaurant's identity into the input box on its main website if you recognize it. Underneath the regions is where you'll find the edit box. The system will ask you for the remaining letters after you enter the initial few. Tap to go to the restaurant's website.

How To Locate a Restaurant by Category

To make it easier for you to choose the restaurant that best suits your needs, eLuna has categorized eateries. Select the class from the Restaurants main page or "categories" from the blue drop-down option to see the classifications. There is no geographic restriction on the restaurant listings in the categories. The most straightforward approach to locating different types of restaurants around the nation is through variety.

Consider that you are looking for a perfect sushi place and are ready to drive outside your neighborhood to get it. On eLuna.com, select "sushi" from the category list to view all the kosher sushi restaurants in the area. After that, you may evaluate if going from Tel Aviv to Petach Tikva for a decent meal is worthwhile.

They made a point of establishing the most practical classifications. You may email them for review if you have any additional category suggestions you cannot find on the website or if you want to alter the sort of restaurant on their website.

How to Get Discount Coupons Online

You can see a photo of a pair of scissors and the phrase "Click here for a coupon" at the bottom of the restaurant site. Tap on the words "here" that are emphasized. You'll be prompted by the program to enter your password and user name. Please fill up the boxes with them. The chosen restaurant's discount will be shown. To show the complete webpage at the restaurant, print out the document.

How to Register at eLuna

You should register on the site to take advantage of eLuna's features. It costs nothing to sign up. You only need to finish a short application form. The leftmost option on the green horizontal menu at the top of each eLuna display is "Register," so select it. Fill out the form with the necessary data.

You will be asked to enter a password and a username on the registration. Choose words that are simple to write and easy to recall. Whenever you desire a free special discount, when you play one of their "games," and when you take advantage of one of their deals, you must enter your password and username.

Reasons to Sign Up on eLuna

You can get special offers from eLuna for use at hundreds of kosher eateries all over Israel. In addition, we hold bids for various services and items listed on the website, such as a romantic supper for two at one of their restaurants. Books, as well as other eLuna-worthy products, are included in this list. They also offer a grab-bag that allows you to get 50% off at the city you select, and that eLuna's chosen a restaurant for you.

You should provide your password and user name each time you use a discount code, participate in one of their bids, or reap the benefits of another promotion. eLuna looks up your name in their system when you input it. Only authorized members can avail themselves of their advertisements through the system.

There is no cost to register, and it is quick and straightforward. On eLuna.com, your private information is secure. They won't divulge any customer data to anyone. It is the explicit agreement they have with their customers, and they abide by it.

How To Change Your Email Address at eLuna

If the email address has changed, tap on the drop-down option that appears just under their logo, which says "Join eLuna." The second choice, "Change Personal Info," displays a page that allows you to update your email address.

How To Retrieve Your Password or User Name

You may ask the server for your registered user or password if you need to remember them. You can obtain your login name and password from eLuna in one of two different ways:

  • On the eLuna.com main page, select "User name and Password" from the menu on the left.
  • You can ask eLuna for your login name and password when the system asks you for them. Just underneath the login pieces of information, you will see a phrase that states, "If you forgot your password and would like it sent to you, click here," after clicking it, you will receive the details in your email.

Take Away

eLuna Jerusalem makes it easier for you to find the best eateries in the area and will give you different options that will perfectly fit your needs.

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