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About the creators of Genesi Box - See Israel through our eyes

Meital Wagshal

Genesi Box initiator. Director, producer and content creator. Specializes in local Israeli content in the lifestyle domain. Creator of films, food & travel TV series for the Israeli Food Channel and the Israeli Travel Channel. In addition, Meital invents toys and games for leading international toy companies.

Yoav Biller

Seasoned Israeli tour guide who literally knows every rock and track in Israel and specializes in Jerusalem tours for North American tourists. Yoav’s work is a reflection of his true love for people, storytelling and the land of Israel. As a popular tour guide with leading Tripadvisor rankings, he is always creating & developing original, off-the-beaten-path tours and offers exceptional adventures to his clients.  

Eliav Alfassi

Israeli creator, artist and illustrator in a range of styles and genres from realistic to caricature, both digital and hand drawing. Raised in Jerusalem, Eliav started illustrating when she was just 12 years old. She still lives and creates in Jerusalem today. Among her many talents, she is developing illustration contents for YouTube as well as for other social media platforms and teaching illustration. Eliav is also a pianist and a member of the Jerusalem band “Mitz Tapuzim” (Orange Juice).

Sharon Ychie

Visual communication designer and toy and games inventor.

Sharon has +20 years experience in design and specializes in graphic design, branding and concept development, as well as gamification.

Sharon invents, develops and designs games for international companies and his games are sold worldwide and bring happiness and joy to millions of children. 

Jessica Cohen

Social media influencer. TV reporter & presenter. Seasoned Jerusalem explorer & content writer.  Not-so-New Olah Chadasha from Argentina.  


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