What To Know About Cinema City Jerusalem

What To Know About Cinema City Jerusalem

A theater in Jerusalem for movie fans that wish to have an exceptional and unusual experience as this Cinema employs the finest video and audio technology and has numerous screening areas where different movies are presented at the exact moment, giving the consumers of the venue a variety of possibilities. 

Also included is a sizable bathroom decorated with the shades, lighting, and figures of the most well-known movie stars, with whom moviegoers may snap many photos. A small diner selling a variety of appetizers and hot and cold beverages is located in this cinema city Jerusalem.

Cinema City Jerusalem

The first station congratulates cinema city Jerusalem on its debut. As the city's primary cultural hub, they warmly welcome current artistic endeavors that expand the citizens' access to historical and practical opportunities. The first station strives to serve a viable hub for entertainment for people of all ages and from all the various communities that comprise the city. To facilitate activities on weekdays and on the weekends, the station blends kosher eateries with non-kosher diners available on Saturdays for this objective.

Currently, Cinema City Jerusalem doesn't operate on Saturdays, and in a recent High Court judgment, officers transferred the decision back to the city government. The national complex contains Seinma City Jerusalem. The Cinema is an eight-story building with a 20,000 square meter footprint. 

What To Know About Cinema City Jerusalem

There are 19 theaters in the complex, each of which is built to a specific genre. There are two VIP halls, a theater with 600 seating, a gallery featuring 450 chairs, and more. With 3,000 seats overall, the facility offers a wide range of fun activities, including the Jewish Film Museum, the City of the Bible, Kfar Hadaradasim, the immersive "Journey to Judaism" hall, and the city of vehicles. 

Over 54 shops, including eateries, fast food chains, cafés, convenience stores, apparel shops, and more, are housed in the complex's two-story commercial zones. There are roughly 2000 free parking spots for visitors on five stories of underground parking at Cinema City Jerusalem. The facility is situated in the national building, close to the government complex and the major thoroughfares approaching the city's border.

The Cinema

You can find large movie theaters, kosher concession stalls, kid-friendly events, VIP cinema encounters, fantastic restaurants, stores, and more at Jerusalem's premier movie theater network. Ensure to confirm whether the film will be screened in Hebrew or English.

Regular Movies

Cinema City Jerusalem exclusively accepts Israeli credit cards and doesn't offer an English-language portal where customers can buy seats. Call 074-7526743 if you're interested in learning about Hebrew movie times.

VIP Movies

In the exclusive VIP room, have a kosher dairy buffet lunch together with unlimited beverages, desserts, and snacks. Afterward, you may relax in the VIP Theater's plush chairs. To find out which films are playing in the VIP Theater, see the listings on Cinema City. Before 8 o'clock, private entities may reserve a VIP theater. After 8 pm, there is an extra charge.

Birthday Celebrations

Cinema City Jerusalem is a terrific location for birthday celebrations with a personal movie showing, snacks, refreshments, balloons, and unique presents for each child.

Restaurants That You Can Dine in Cinema City

Food and a film are a classic and timeless combination, whether you're with a group, family, or couple. Cinema City Jerusalem facilitates the experience very comfortably and fun with a fantastic selection of eateries in the building in addition to an in-house dinner-movie bundle. 

Cafe Greg

Although Cafe Gregg is renowned for its opulent breakfasts, it is an excellent option at any moment of day thanks to its mouthwatering cuisine of noodles, sandwiches, and fish dishes, with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences in addition to a few Asian-inspired goodies. Of course, when you're in the urge for one of Cafe Greg's specialty breakfasts, which draw inspiration from Spain, Mexico, Scandinavia, and Israel, you don't need to let the hour of the day stand in the way.

Even a vegan-specific menu is available.


Sushi is unquestionably the finest dish to consume before seeing a film, a global truth. It has a high omega-3 content and is delicate and light. One of the best and most highly suggested restaurants in Jerusalem's Cinema City compound is Japanika, renowned for its high-quality, kosher Asian & Japanese food.

The restaurant receives daily deliveries of fresh seafood, veggies, and rice, all of which are featured on the menu. Additionally, there is a range of main dishes, soups, wok-based meals, and sushi. Your palate senses will be satisfied by the selection of specialty rolls and combined platters at Japanika. 

Landwer Cafe

Similar to Cafe Greg, Cafe Landwer is most renowned for its brunches and cuisine, which the Middle East and Mediterranean influence. Although the cuisine could be more innovative, it offers something to suit nearly every palate, and the Old City walls are a stunning backdrop to the well-done typical cafe setting.

King George

King George offers what you would consider a global bistro-style cuisine with a variety of meat-centric appetizers, noodles, and main dishes, along with a few fish dishes, greens, and sweets. 

The rates are reasonable, running from 35 NIS for noodles to 70 NIS for meats, fish fillets, and other items of the same caliber. A welcome discovery is how inexpensive liquor is, with wine glasses ranging from 18 NIS, cocktails at 30 NIS, and bottles at 68 NIS.

If you're searching for adult-only entertainment, consider the Cinema City VIP bundle, which features premium seats, an all-you-can-eat and beverage banquet supper before the film, and snacks and other snacks to bring in.

As the meal isn't precisely 5-star fare, wine and beer are served openly, and the bar is only open to those above 18, so you will not have to put up with rowdy kids while you stuff yourself before the show.

Take Away

Are you excited to try Cinema City Jerusalem? Book your seats now to enjoy this unique kind of movie experience. Hungry? No worries. The complex offers a variety of cuisine you will love.

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