3 Simple Creative Ideas for Teaching Hebrew Words to your Kids

3 Simple Creative Ideas for Teaching Hebrew Words to your Kids

3 Simple Creative Ideas for Teaching Hebrew Words to your Kids

My name is Tali. I’m a mother of 2 boys ages 9 & 10. I make movies and invent toys and I’m also one of the creators of the Genesi Box.

I’d like to share with you more ideas I’ve learned from very creative people I know (like toy inventors and toy designers and alternative education people). As always, we have prepared all the games and materials that you need for this post and will send it to you with love and free-of-charge. So, if you want to receive these materials, simply email me to stein.tali@gmail.com and I’ll send it to you.

  1. Let them lick some honey.

Ages ago, maybe 100 years back, when young children started to learn Hebrew in a small classroom called a Heder, their teacher would do something quite peculiar. They would write Hebrew letters on a page, drip honey on it and let the kids lick it from the page. As strange as it may sound, it’s also super fun. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend doing it before dinner...

I’ve prepared a printable page that you can print and insert under a clear glass plate and then drip honey on the plate.

P.S. Although they used honey in the Heder, I have a feeling that it’ll work just as well with Nutella 😉. Another healthier (and also Israeli) option is to use tahini.


  1. Play a game of Letter Twister.

Letter Twister is exactly like Twister, only with Hebrew Letters. Every time you put your hand or your foot on a letter you must say its name out loud.

In the file I’ll send you will find a printable game with circles of colors & Hebrew letters + instructions on how to play at home.


  1. Choose 3 items at home and give them a nickname. The nickname is the item’s Hebrew word. From now on, use only these words for these items. Make sure you choose things that children use a lot, like a pencil. So, from this day forward, a pencil is – Eeparon!

I’ve made you some charming printable labels with the Hebrew words of all kinds of useful items, that you can print, cut, and tape on.

After you start using these labels, you’ll find out that your kids learn new Hebrew words really fast and that it’s lots of fun and also a little funny.

So, go ahead and send me that email because I’d love to send you everything I’ve prepared.

And don’t forget to share with us photos of your family having fun learning Hebrew.