UNBOX Jerusalem

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Unbox Jerusalem - The Israel Adventure in the Comfort of Your Home

A one-of-a-kind, multi-sensory experience in a unique surprise box, allowing you to explore Jerusalem in a whole new way.

2 hours+ of family time dedicated to a new, one-of-a-kind task: exploring Israel.

Inside the Box :

* An exciting 50-minute film with activities that bring the magic of Jerusalem to your living room.

* Fun family activities about Jerusalem based on the film.

* Tons of gifts, souvenirs and surprises from Jerusalem with an amazing unboxing experience.

* 2+ hours of family fun and education - all about Jerusalem.

* For the whole family, age 5-120, 1-5 people

20 + Israeli souvenirs and surprises available only in Jerusalem (and in this box), bought from local Israeli businesses. 

15+ Israeli souvenirs and surprises available only in Jerusalem (and in this box)

• Giant (27.5” x 35”) riddle map

• Designed Five Stones game

• Designed set of stylish lion stickers

• Family bonding activity on Thankfulness

• Authentic Good Luck Hamsa from the market

• Israel's Knesset (parliament) democracy activity item

• Classic, fun-size Israeli snacks

• Miniature Jerusalem menorah

• Ancient oil lamp replica

• Western Wall Envelop

• Traditional organic Olive Oil Soap

• Authentic Ceramic Bowl from the market

• Pomegranate Box from the market

• Red bracelet from the Western Wall

We use only recyclable packaging, because we care about our earth.

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• Developed and designed and in Israel.

• No plastic packaging inside! Only recyclable materials.

• Original production for Genesi Box exclusively

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Manic Monday
Thank you so much

The Facts: A limited edition box allowing you to visit Jerusalem and receive souvenirs along the way. Each box contains an interactive video, puzzles and riddles to complete on your journey thru the destination. Open your souvenirs as you complete the challenges. This family fun box takes about 2 hours to complete in total.

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Amy Price
it was so fun!

It was an insane experience.
So much more than just watching a film.

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danya Fried
I was keen for the family to learn more about Jerusalem

and this was a wonderful way to do it, all of them really enjoyed.

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Linda Skalsky
Love it!

We had a great time, we literally spent 3 hours.

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Nicole Hopkins
Today I opened a Box by Genesi, Unbox Jerusalem.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqjPtJDkdCU&t=164s

Today I opened a Box by Genesi, Unbox Jerusalem. A documentary, snack box, gifts and culture all in one! The movie is about an hour long and the host is amazing!

Website: https://genesibox.com/products/gensi-...

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Let's make it simple

one box, multi multi-sensory experience

Genesi Box

The Israel Adventure in the Comfort of Your Home